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What is Traklife?

Traklife LLC is a web based media company that provides creative content across multiple digital media platforms.The core of the company is Traklife Radio, which provides streaming music and talk radio via the Internet. Traklife Radio shows are accessible to listeners via the Traklife website or through tablets and smartphones with the use of a free app. Traklife Radio broadcasted its first show on July 13, 2012 with one show based in Los Angeles. The Traklife website, which was originally just a way to broadcast Traklife Radio, has evolved into a music and culture blog site, with content aimed at the same audience as Traklife Radio. Traklife has also hosted multiple nightlife events and has collaborated with other promotions as well.

Traklife LLC is led by our founder, Ervin Cordero, who envisioned a platform that will reach all over the world to deliver premium content while maintaining an urban edge. Along with a strong management team, he has been able to accomplish this by finding and helping develop independent-thinking shows that fit his vision. As a result, Traklife Radio has now grown to 20 different shows in multiple metropolitan markets, including New York, Seattle, Las Vegas, Houston, Virginia Beach, and Toronto. Every show is unique in its delivery, but they all share the same philosophy: To deliver urban-focused premium content and music in a manner which reflects the personalities and views of the hosts and DJs.

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