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Artist Spotlight: Maya Milan

Don’t overlook her vibrant purple locks, her voice is just as noticeable as her hair. Maya Milan is the next one to look out for. The singer and songwriter IS taking the industry by storm with her undeniable talent. Milan was born in Boston, Massachusetts and moved to Maryland, thus reppin’ the DMV to the […]

Artist Spotlight: Monica Parales

Long Beach, California’s very own Monica Parales is a multi-faceted artist, who is infusing a nostalgic vibe to her brand of R&B. The singer-songwriter, despite her young age, already has over a decade’s worth of experience in the entertainment industry. Making her music video debut as “the little Asian girl” dancing in the popular Missy Elliott video “Gossip Folks” back in 2003, it […]

Artist Spotlight: Otis McDonald

Accomplished all-around musician Joe Bagale rides a groovy, nostalgic wave under the moniker Otis McDonald. “Otis McDonald” was originally the title of a song Bagale created as a commissioned artist for YouTube’s free audio library. In an interview by the San Francisco Chronicle, Bagale explains the reason behind the song title, stating, “because part of it reminded […]

Artist Spotlight: K. Cero

In recent times, the plane of contemporary R&B has taken a shift towards a realm more stripped down and personal. Lead by the likes of Kehlani and Tory Lanez, this “swavey” sound is an infectious take on R&B which begs the listener to absorb every relatable lyric while a hypnotic percussive beat rides in the […]

Artist Spotlight: Bishop Lamont

One of the main elements of hip-hop culture has always been the artistry in music. More specifically, hip-hop music usually thrives on a song’s ability to reflect intimate stories painted by talented lyricists, which of course is complemented with brilliant sound production. West coast hip-hop veteran, Bishop Lamont is popularly known as legendary producer Dr. […]

Artist Spotlight: Emcee Classiq

There are only a few artists whose style, lyrics and overall presence instantaneously grabs you. Emcee Classiq, is by far one of those type of artists. Over the past few years, Classiq has been one of the few recognized emcees from Orange County’s hip-hop scene. With a culture that’s dimly represented, Classiq wears the badge […]

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