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As 2018 hits midway, there’s no question that talented emerging artists are on the rise. Up and coming artist, Keith Samuel, is one of those artists and recently released his debut single, “Day One,” produced by A/C.

 “Day One is all about self empowerment. That vibe for anybody pursuing a vision or goal and never gave up that dream. It’s for anybody that just want to real or you have people who’ve been riding with you since the beginning thru ups and downs never switched up. It’s an inspiring vibe energetic feel,” exclaims Keith Samuel.

He was born and raised in Los Angeles and moved to Paramount at 13 where his musical journey would continue. As a young kid his pops had a large influence on music who had a versatile playlist that included hip-hop, R&B, oldies, jazz and more. Some of his biggest musical inspirations are Michael Jackson, Lauryn Hill, Kendrick Lama, Tupac, and J Cole.

In just 15 minutes he was able to put this song together. The song came together so naturally as he explains,

“I put the beat on after my producer sent it to me and right away I had the first bar. Then the second bar and it kept going from there before you know it I had somewhat of a hook and the rest was history. Hit A|C the next day told him I got one. He said let’s book the session so I booked with RnBass studios had the session done in 2hrs.”

The emerging artist has some things up his sleeve including an EP and mixtape on the way. With no official names for any projects just yet, he assure that we won’t have to wait too long.

Keep it locked and let us know how you’re liking his track.

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