New Music: NtheClouds – “Whispers” ft. Erva Carter

NtheClouds released their latest track Whispers featuring Erva Carter. Reigning from Houston, Texas, Jay Kell and Boi Dru together are the duo that make NtheClouds. Although, their music is generally considered hip-hop, they claim to take a twist on hip-hop by self-proclaiming themselves to fall under the genre “FSP,” which stands for Funk, Soul, Pop. And that is […]

Artist Spotlight: Otis McDonald

Accomplished all-around musician Joe Bagale rides a groovy, nostalgic wave under the moniker Otis McDonald. “Otis McDonald” was originally the title of a song Bagale created as a commissioned artist for YouTube’s free audio library. In an interview by the San Francisco Chronicle, Bagale explains the reason behind the song title, stating, “because part of it reminded […]

Now syndicating VNS (Vibes N' Stuff) Radio

VNS (Vibes N’ Stuff) Radio has been on air for years broadcasting their live mixshows attracting audiences all over the world via UStream.  VNS is ran by L.A. natives in the hip-hop community led by the one and only DJ Concise.  They have grown popularity through their eclectic variety of music in soul, funk, house, […]

[RECAP] The Layover Show ft. DJ Houseshoes and Balance & the Traveling Sounds

[mixcloud width=”580″ height=”100″ ][/mixcloud]   Imagine a night full of positive vibes and good company. The mixture of the two was on point and the music selection in this past Layover Show was the cherry on top. All the DJs sets including our guest DJs struck a chord in my heart. One word, amazing! DJ […]

[RECAP] The Layover Show ft. DJ Abel & Endo (9/11/13)

DJ Abel rocked the turn tables starting the The Layover Show off right with classic 90s hip-hop and ended his set with some of his own unique remixes. Lindz, DJ Mikerawk , and Hazzle Joy continued their usual bantering discussing their past weekend festivities. The following day was also Traklife’s very own, Sound Board Operator […]

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