Method Man

Help us celebrate Valentine’s Day with these Hip-Hop love songs!

Hip-Hop has evolved on many levels, and at one time the “tough guy” image blurred any thoughts of love and monogamy. Not until certain artists eliminated that stigma, and decided to tackle the topics of love (not just sex). As we continue to celebrate lovers day, check out some of my favorite hip-hop tunes and […]

Raekwon now the new headliner at RhymeFest LA

Due to uncontrollable circumstances, Method Man had to step back from performing at the up and coming Rhymefest LA show on February 15 in Los Angeles, CA.  Luckily, the team behind the event found an equivalent (some may think an even better) replacement, Method Man’s Wu-Tang brother, Raekwon.  Check out for more details and stay […]

[RECAP] The Layover Show ft. RhymeFest LA

If you haven’t heard, Raekwon is headlining at The Rhyme Fest LA. Amazing hip-hop artists like Typical Cats, LA Symphony, Aceyalone, and more will also be performing. The Rhyme Fest LA team graced the Traklife studio to talk about their next music festival on February 15, 2014. They were kind enough to host an Instagram […]

2009 Cypress Hill Smokeout – This Weekend!

If your in the Southern California area or are willing to make a drive, then cancel all your pre-arranged plans for the weekend and attend Guerilla Union’s Cypress Hill Smokeout Festival.  All types of events will be going down from Cypress Hill meet & greets to some Cannabis education.  The festival will also be hosting […]

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