Artist Spotlight: K. Cero

In recent times, the plane of contemporary R&B has taken a shift towards a realm more stripped down and personal. Lead by the likes of Kehlani and Tory Lanez, this “swavey” sound is an infectious take on R&B which begs the listener to absorb every relatable lyric while a hypnotic percussive beat rides in the […]

Who is Rey.Es_King?

If you’re like me, then you’re always open to listening to new music. The biggest surprise came for me was when I was introduced to these new songs by my very own friend from high school! The best part of discovering this new music is learning that it’s from someone who’s been hiding their talent, […]

[RECAP] The Layover Show #87 ft. Pigeon John & Garfield Adams

The Layover Show was excited to have Guest Host Garfield Adams and LA Symphony’s Pigeon John. Adams chopped it up with Lindz and Hazzle Joy. He not only shared laughs with us, but he shared some amazing music with us as well. Adams released 1st Things First. One of the songs he produced New Life […]

[RECAP] The Layover Show ft. DJ Frank Foreal and Lavell Streets

Tune in as DJ Frank Foreal and Recording Artist Lavell Streets hang out out with The Traklife Crew. Streets discusses his most recent album, “Word on the Streetz.” He premieres one of the songs, “G.O.A.T.,” which stands for ‘greatest of all time.’ We even had him share with us early rap names to how he […]

Emcee/Producer Curtiss King droppin' by The Layover Show on 12/12/12

Emcee/Producer Curtiss King of Black Cloud Records will be droppin’ by the show on Wednesday, 12/12/12 8pm-11pm PST, to talk about his latest project, “Atychiphobia” (The Fear of Failure). This album is climbing up the iTunes charts and spreading like wildfire all over Southern California. Tune in on Wednesday as we talk to Curtiss about […]


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