The Layover Show

[RECAP] The Layover Show #211 ft. Empanadamn

The Layover Show recently came back from about a month hiatus to make some major changes with a revamp. The new Layover Show still features the same lady hosts and talented DJs, but each episode will be filled with more entertainment and new segments. With the second episode of the return this year, Traklife family […]

Traklife + Hip-Hop Gives Support Children of Incarcerated Parents

The 1st Annual Traklife Toy Drive was a major success! Supporters from all over made there way to the hidden treasure Brewyard Beer Company in Glendale, Calif. The night had a stacked itinerary, a meet and greet with Traklife’s Artist Spotlight: Bishop Lamont, a live broadcast with The Layover Show, raffles throughout the night, poke […]

[RECAP] The Layover Show #195 ft. Malcolm Favor & Matphilly (9/21/16)

The vibes were flowing so positively all night as The Layover Show welcomed Recording Artist Malcolm Favor and DJ and Producer Matphilly. Matphilly also happens to be Traklife Family! He runs his show The Basscave every Friday and it is primarily EDM, but he shows us a different side of his skills as he shares […]

[RECAP] The Layover Show #87 ft. Pigeon John & Garfield Adams

The Layover Show was excited to have Guest Host Garfield Adams and LA Symphony’s Pigeon John. Adams chopped it up with Lindz and Hazzle Joy. He not only shared laughs with us, but he shared some amazing music with us as well. Adams released 1st Things First. One of the songs he produced New Life […]

Mickey Taelor special guest on The Layover Show 4/23

Hailing from the Inland Empire/Long Beach, Mickey Taelor has performed all over the South Bay spreading her unique soulful sound resulting in rapid growth in her popularity.  Her music and performances continues to pull in  a favorable reception from her audience.  Tune in tomorrow night on The Layover Show from 8pm-11pm PST as Mickey Taelor […]

Emcee Classiq on The Layover Show 4/23

Emcee Classiq is an up and coming emcee hailing from Orange County, California. Opening up for some of hip-hop’s pioneers such as KRS-One, Murs, Method Man, EPMD, etc., Emcee Classiq is well on his way to making a lot of noise in the rap game.  Catch him on The Layover Show tomorrow from 8-11pm PST […]

Skratchpad LA takes over the Turntables on The Layover Show 4/23

The minds and talents behind the DJ showcase, Skratchpad, will be holding down and sponsoring the music for The Layover Show tomorrow on Traklife Radio. Tune in from 8pm-11pm on Traklife Radio as they take over the decks and control the turntables. You might even catch a sick scratch session.

[RECAP] The Layover Show ft. Jon Phenom, United Schemers, & DJ Beatcrazed (3/12/14)

The Layover Show had a fashion take-over. Apparel Designer and Fashion Expert Jon Phenom and the United Schemers clothing brand joined Lindz and Hazzle Joy in the hot seat. They talked about their fashion perspective and inspired us with their positive attitude towards such a competitive industry. Hit that play button to delve deeper into […]

[RECAP] The 5th Element Magazine Take Over (2/12/14)

Starting out with the 5th Element Magazine’s Mission Statement, which they make sure to show first thing in each of their publications, it reads: “Emcee, B-Boy, DJ, and Graffiti Arts. These are the four elements that compose Hip-Hop culture. Many would argue that fashion is not a significant element of Hip-Hop, but when placed in […]

Pigeon John droppin by The Layover Show, 4/16

Known for his quirky raps and unique high-energy style, Pigeon John will be dropping his next album Encino Man in a few weeks on April 29th.  Tune into The Layover Show next week on April 16th from 8pm-11pm PST as John talks about the details on the project with hosts Linz and Hazzle.


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