Silly Syl Radio Ep. 70 – Golden Hour Glow


Golden Hour Glow is the last episode of the summer months! Feels funny saying that when I’ve known September to be the hottest time in the Bay Area these past two years. Anyway, I start off this episode with some indie-electronic jams, lacing in more lyrics than usual. The energy climbs up with some synthy bangers and gradually falls into feel-good instrumentals. It’s the kind of soundtrack you want to have when you’re walking home during the sun’s golden hour, the trees glowing under a bright orange hue with the opportunities of the evening awaiting you.

Here’s the tracklist:

1. Finished – Gretchen & Bardo
2. Enough Time – Nakala
3. Like You (feat. Eric Nam) – AOBeats
4. Come Home (feat. Shallou) (Shisto Remix) – BAYNK
5. waiting screen – WIZE
6. Promises – Johnny Third
7. Never Give Up – Blvk Sheep & Yuneer Gainz
8. Gucci Store (Mickey Valen Remix) – Madalen Duke
9. Starlit Haze – Cosmic Quest
10. so easily… – v a s s h
11. gloom – rkm
12. Ashes of Time – Cause Closed (aka Kagwe)
13. think  @bt – zack villere (FKA froyo ma)
14. construct – herzeloyde
15. Mango Pulp (feat. Ian Ewing) – Edamame
16. Cookie – Dessert
17. Did You Wrong (feat. Nook) – Tre Oh Fie
18. sizzurp – SwuM
19. a good life (Stevie Wonder x Kanye Mash-Up) – meltycanon

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